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Polystyrene Size Standards

nanospheres and microspheres


These particles have CV under 5% and can be used to check and calibrate particle-size-systems.



Scanning Electron Microscopy image of 1.5μm uniform plain SiO2 microspheres



Scanning Electron Microscopy image of close packed 300 nm uniform plain SiO2 nanospheres




Precision Size Polystyrene Nanospheres

Size Range 50nm - 1000nm

Catalog #

Size, [nm]

Quantity Concentration

Product ID

Price, [USD]


Precision Size Polystyrene Microspheres

Size Range 1m - 100m

Catalog #

Size, [m]

Quantity Concentration

Product ID

Price, [USD]

108711-01 6.0 1000mg 100% PPs-6.0P 260.00
108713-01 8.0 1000mg 100% PPs-8.0P 260.00
108715-01 12.0 1000mg 100% PPs-12.0P 260.00
108717-01 20.0 1000mg 100% PPs-20.0P



The largest selection of monodisperse

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(plain, amino, carboxyl, avidin, biotin, streptavidin, antibody)


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